About Steffani

My name is Steffani Symons. I am the Creator and Head Stylist for Steff's House of Style. I have worked in the fashion industry for the last 8 years. I started off going to FIDM, while working behind the scenes in large fashion show like LA Fashion Week. I got the opportunity to work as the head stylist for Young-Beautiful Magazine, a online teen magazine for girls. Over the years, I have worked with many up and coming designers, styling for photo shoots and events. I created Steff's House of Style so I could work directly with all the fashionistas out there, who are looking for ideas on how to look fabulous everyday! Also bringing you the secrets of how celebrities always look SO GOOD (There not born that way, they just have great stylists!) and helping you put those ideas into your wardrobe, so you too can look Red Carpet Ready!