Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great Pieces at AFFORDABLE Price!

Every time I go out in public I get approached by complete strangers, and they all say the same thing.."where did you get those( shoes, purse, top, etc)" or "I love your..." The funniest ones are "wow you match" or "can I buy that from you?"(I really have had people come up to me and ask me that, lol) My friends and family have asked me to help them pick out their outfits for special occasions, or to help them shop(which I love to do)..If I told you how much I spend on a pair of shoes(less that $20) or a whole outfit, you wouldn't believe me..Sure, it's fun to lie and say " I got it at Nordstroms for $200, when you really got it at Ross for $15.99, but the truth is you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look great, not even close..You just need to know where to look and what styles look best on you..In my first blog, I will show you a few examples of a few things I have bought recently that are IN style right now, and affordable..

Basic Black Leather Pumps(Goes Great With Everything)
$9.00 at Ross

Black Animal Print Trapeze Dress-(Great with leggings)
(I know the pic is hard to see,..the dress top portion is satin, and it stops just above the bust line, and the dress portion is a black leopard print)
$8.50 at Buffalo Exchange

One Shoulder Gold and Black Satin Animal Print Top( Good for Date Night)
$ 7.50 at Buffalo Exchange

Two Tone Silver Strappy Peep Toe Stiletto
$17.99 at Buffalo Exchange

Black, Red and Grey Plaid Dress(Great for Upcoming Holiday Parties)
(I know this is hard to see as well, but the top is a thin black t-shirt material, and the waist has a black little band/belt around it, and the bottom is black, red and grey plaid full skirt)
$10 at Ross


I know what some of you are thinking,.." shop cheap, get cheap things" But let me tell you, that is definitly NOT the case! In one of my upcoming segments, I will talk about how to find the good quality pieces at the reasonably priced stores..

Tommorow I will be starting "The Look of the Day", as well as Style Tips, Celebrity Fashion and more..STAY TUNED!

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