Thursday, October 8, 2009

The "Sexy Safari" Look, Statement Jewelry, and How to Wear One Shoulder Pieces

Hi! Welcome to Steff's Daily Dish!! This has been a dream of mine to get to share my views, and talk fashion with people from all over, for a long time. I am glad I finally found a way to do just that! So I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I do writing it :-)

In my column, I will talk about a daily look that I put together, from pieces in my own closet, and about how you can best to wear the same thing, you can find in your stores. Also, I will talk about what's IN, and what to be on the lookout for, style tips, and of course, celebrity style of the day. So, if your ready, let's get started...

THE LOOK OF THE DAY- "Sexy Safari"
It is a one shoulder animal print satin top with a cinched waist. I am pairing it with skinny jeans and peep toe black pumps and gold jewelry.

Most one shoulder tops are longer in length, to make the torso look longer and give the leaner appeal. If the top falls below your butt, leggings are a super sexy option for the bottom portion of your outfit. If you want to go more casual, skinny jeans always look great too. Want to pair it with a cute mini skirt? Just tuck in the top, and belt it at the waist..very sleek looking! Just make sure everything is in proportion. If the top is looser, pair it with something narrow on the bottom(like the legging or jean, or even a pencil skirt). If it's more fitted on the top, you can pair it with a fuller skirt. Another cute way to wear one shoulder tops is to add a thick belt to the waist, to give you that cinched waisted look..

B ON THE LOOKOUT FOR - Statement Jewelry (see my fall must have list)
With this outfit I paired it with Chandelier Gold Earrings, which I probably got at Forever 21 for like $5, A plain shiny gold bracelet, and a fun yellow "diamond" gold cocktail ring. BIG AND BOLD IS IN! I see accessories as just adding that much more "POP" to the outfit and look you create. But you don't want to overdo it. I'd always do at least 2 pieces(belt, earrings, bracelet or ring) depending on the outfit..

I know for some larger girls, your looking at this top going "how am I going to wear a one shoulder top??" because of the problem with the bra situation (Believe me, I've been there!)...BUT I have the solution!!Believe it or not, the "what's underneath" is just important as what's on the outside. Because without the right "accessories" underneath, your look can fall flat. It can either make or break the way you wear your outfit..I am in no way small busted. I have an average body type and I wear a D size bra, but I have found that the corseted type strapless bra(the kind that wrap around your middle), instead of just a regular strapless definitely helps hold "the girls" up and make you look amazing! Also, if you have a convertible bra(the ones with the interchanging straps) You can just wear one strap, those work well also. OR, if you want to add a little something more to your already amazing outfit, you can wear a regular bra that matches the color of the top, so then a strap will show, but it will just look like part of the outfit..and no one will ever know:-)

This look is best worn out on a date, out with friends, or to a club. Any place that you go, you're going to make people stop, and look twice, with envy! In my case I am wearing it to a evening birthday celebration with my family. I know most people don't get dressed up for birthday dinners with their family. But if you come across this scenario, and your on your way to a family party, or planning one in the future, keep this in mind.. When you look back in ten years at the pictures that were taken on this day(and you know they will be around somewhere) Do you want to look back and say "EWW, what was I wearing??" or do you want to say "Damn, I looked good!!"..I think we both know the answer:-) You don't have to go all out, but just step it up a notch for a night, and I promise, when you look back at those pictures years down the road, you'll be happy!

The Sexy Safari Look has a lot of the style elements that are IN right now, that you can find at your local stores such as Animal Print, Statement Jewelry, One Shoulder Tops, and the always stylish Skinny Jean.,.


I went to the Guess Green Launch Party in LA a little while ago, and ran into Emanuelle Chiriqui. You might know her from the movie On the Line, or the show Entourage. She is my style inspiration for this look. She was literally glowing in her satin canary yellow top and big gold earrings, and she looked amazing, as you can see. Every look I create is inspired by something. Whether it be a picture in a magazine, or something I see on TV. Then I twist it, and tweak it, to make it my own..and you can do the same!

Well, that's it for today..tune in tomorrow for "A Little Bit Sweet, A Little Bit Rock" when I to go to a fashion event at a local high school, and "What Fall Colors Work Best For You"

Please feel free to write any comments or feedback you have, good or bad. I'd love to know what you think, and how I can make this column best for you:-)

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

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