Friday, October 16, 2009

Get Your Shine On, Braided Chain Jewlery, and Bohemian Rhapsody



Fall marks the time of year where the leaves are falling, your starting to get out your fall decorations, doing your seasonal changeover (I hope) and getting out those cute boots that have been in hibernation since the beginning of the year! This year, you will see everything from little ankle booties (which I love) to tall dramatic over the knee boots. They are plenty of things to love about boots, they are so versatile. You can find them in every color, in every style (one to match each look) and they keep you warm. What more could you ask for! My favorite pairing with boots is with big coats, like a trench or a pea coat, or tucked into a pair of jeans paired with a blazer on the top. So, if you’re thinking of going shoe shopping soon, and wondering what styles to look for, for fall, look no further than the cute boot section, and I’m sure you will be happy with what you come home with!



I talked the other day about the maxi dresses that you’re seeing everywhere. I am learning that they are not only for summer, but also great for fall and winter. I realized recently that there is an alternative, if long dresses aren’t your thing, welcome..The Maxi Skirt. We used to think long skirts are only for older people, and made in funny patterns or colors, but that’s not the case anymore. You can pair them with cute flats, or the little ankle booties. This would go great with that “Boho/Earthy” look that’s hot for fall! This season is very versatile when it comes to fashion because the spectrum is so broad. Not too often you see micro minis and maxi length skirts on the same shelves. Usually it’s one or the other, but this year, were lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, at our fingertips!


If you’re already on the lookout for that perfect holiday dress like I am (good to get started early) look no further than the perfect little sparkle dress. If you’re thinking “walking sparkler” or “too much glitter”, that is a thing of the past. This dress is the most wanted item for the upcoming holiday season, and I guarantee, you will turn more than a few heads!! I mentioned in one of my first blogs that I fell in love with the yellow sequin dress Malin Akerman wore in 27 dresses. Well I found out that that particular dress is a $700, and made by designer Catherine Malendrino. For most of us, that is a little out of our price range. However, as I was browsing around I saw a really cute one for$.. That’s a little more affordable right? You can probably go to any store like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 and they will have a large selection for you to choose from. There is nothing that’s hotter for the upcoming holiday season!!! Just remember the rule of 3, or you might end up looking like a disco ball..


I had to tell you about this really cool website I came across the other day called You can create your own looks by selecting pieces from the categories listed (tops, pants, dresses, etc.). You drag the items into a picture box, and make a collage of the look you want to create. The really cool thing is you can actually buy the pieces online that you choose for your look. For example, if you pick a pair of black pumps to go with your outfit, there will be a link telling you where to buy them, and for how much. Some of the items are a little pricey, but some are less than $20, that’s right in my price range..You should definitely check it out!!


This is one of my favorite looks for fall. You can mix prints, with florals, in fall colors like browns, yellows and oranges,. The look goes best with skirts and dresses. You can pair it with some hot hair accessories like braids or the feathers hairclips. It’s today “modern hippie” with a touch of chic!


I am going to do something new where I will bring to you something I see in a magazine, or on TV. And show you how easy it is to create for your own wardrobe, with a few key pieces.

This look is casual, mixed with a little edge. All you need is a few key pieces you can find anywhere, at affordable prices. Start off with a plain colored fitted t shirt, pair it with black leggings, add a studded belt, find a clutch with lots of chains or studs(lots of metal work), and finish it off with a pair of cute flats, and you’ll be star studded in no time!!

(See the rule of 3??)
ACCESSORY FILE - I am doing something new where I am going to bring you a hot new accessory in each article.

Today’s Accessory File – Braided Chain Jewelry

I am going to go off topic here for a second, but I promise you, this segment is about chain metal jewelry. You’ll see, read on! This spring I was shopping in forever 21, and I had one of those “shopping moments”. Do you ever have those where you see something and you do the “gasp” because whatever you just saw is SO cute? I do have those moments every so often, and usually those things that I see become key pieces in my wardrobe. So I was browsing around Forever 21, and I saw this top. It was a black draped halter top with this silver part for the halter part that looked like a shiny silver snake. I know it sounds weird, but it was HOT, and it definitely made a statement! On that day, I actually didn’t get it, because I went home and told my mom what it was, and asked her to get it for my birthday, but she forgot. Here comes a few months later, I start to see this braided chain link look everywhere, in magazines, on celebrities, especially in statement necklaces, go figure! Then I went shopping with my friend a few weeks ago and found a bracelet that was exactly like the top I wanted, so I thought, “well if I can’t have the top at least I’ll have the bracelet” Then as I was browsing online at for cute leggings, I came across (GASP!!) MY TOP!! It doesn’t look like much from the pic, but in person it definitely makes a statement! So I am happy to share my favorite piece with you, in hopes that it might become yours!


Today’s Celebrity Stylista is Gwyneth Paltrow. Some of you may look at this outfit and say “what’s so special about that?” I am highlighting her in this because this look is as simple as it gets. A boyfriend jacket or a blazer (see my fall must have list), a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of pumps, and VOILA! You have the most chic, yet simple look! Proving that it doesn’t take much to look like a stylista!

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