Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyday Chic, Winter Must Haves, & The Changeover


In this look I am wearing a Black, Grey and White Snakeskin Print Top, Black Stone Necklace with a thick stretch black belt, black leggings, and my favorite black and tan snakeskin shoes.

For this outfit it was just a regular laid back Sunday. I wanted to be comfortable, but stylish at the same time (which is easy to do!) I went to a beach little community here in town and went to lunch with a friend. We went to a little boutique that she likes to shop at (I will show you the steals I got there, tomorrow). I brought a flat pair of shoes in case we went to the beach (high heels and sand don't mix!), but it was too cold. We went back to her house, watched some football, hung out, and that was it. Not a busy day, just normal. But still managed to have a few people notice my outfit. Sometimes it’s not how fancy you dress, but how you carry yourself in the outfit you have on. To me, dressing fashionable just helps me have a positive image, to which then I feel good, and hopefully project that onto others, and make them feel good. So you can be chic and casual, or star studded and glamorous, but as long as your inner beauty projects, that will make you all the more beautiful!

The Changeover -

My house in a little chaotic right now because were in the middle of the “summer to winter changeover”. Clothes being moved from upstairs to downstairs, and put in there appropriate closet until their season arrives again. I would assume you do this is your house too? Put away your tank tops and get out your sweaters, things like that? Not only am I doing my changeover, but my mom and dad are doing there’s too. My dad couldn’t care less about fashion, his is a typical guy, put away the short, get out the sweats, cut and dry. Me, on the other hand do things a little differently. I do a changeover every 3 months, because as I mentioned in a previous blog, I am a little OCD about what colors I wear in what months! So I do my first changeover at Easter, in putting the winter clothes away. Then I do it again in June, putting spring away and getting summer out. Then labor day, I put summer away, and get fall out. Lastly, In November I get winter out, until Easter rolls around again, lol. I wouldn’t expect any regular person to go through all that trouble 4 times a year, but that’s the best way for me to keep them all straight, and to dress appropriately for whatever season it is. I would love to hear your comments on how your changeover works~


Double Bracelet

In my last Celebrity Stylista section, Malin Akerman, I commented on her double bracelet, and how I would have changed it. But it turns out, the double bracelet trend is popping up everywhere I look! In the latest issue of Vogue, almost every ad with a model had her wearing, not one, but two bracelets! I think it’s because bracelets are so fabulous, that we couldn’t have just one anymore, we had to have two, one on each hand!! That would be hard for me to wear and still apply “the rule of three”. Only getting to chose one other accessory? Hmm, that‘s tough:-/ But, it can be done, and it does look good! We just have to remember that “less is more”.

My Shopping Trip –

So my shopping trip with my mom, that I had mentioned the other day went well. We went to our local thrift store that was having $1 sales. No, I didn’t leave out a zero, you read it right, a dollar! Everything in the store is a dollar! Like I had mentioned the other day, 90% of it is junk, but you have to dig for the good stuff, and I found some GOOD stuff! My mom actually goes there to buy things for her fashion class when they have a “creativity lesson” and they have to add things to a piece of clothing that she gives them. When I find those “diamond in the rough” pieces, I like to think of it as “giving them a good home”, lol.. It was kind of chaotic because everyone is rummaging, and digging through the racks (I’m sure you’ve been to sales like that), but it was fun. Here are a few pictures of things I got there…

Baby Pink Angora Sweater Dress( my mouth dropped when I saw this, for only $1)

Red Velour Top(Great for Holiday Parties!)

Mini Cable Knit Sweater(Still only $1)


Neckwearps/Tube Scarves

There isn’t a winter accessory I love more than scarves. They are the best of both worlds, comfortable and so chic! However, they sometimes can be complicated to tie, so they look just right. Now rest assured fall’s newest winter accessory is hassle free and smokin hot! What is it you ask? It’s the neck wrap, or tube scarf as some call it. It’s like a scarf, except it just loops over your head like a necklace. I think we will be seeing it everywhere this winter, paired with our big winter coats. I unfortunately don’t have any of these yet, being as there so new, there probably putting them on the shelves as we speak. But you know, you will be the first to find out when and where I get them!



“Going Green” has taken on a whole new meaning this season. When most people refer to it, they are talking about the environment, and how everything you see now is “environmentally friendly”. If you were to here it on the street today, it would probably referring to this fall and winters most popular color, Jade. I have been obsessed with jade accessories ever since I saw Leann Rimes in a black black dress at an event a few years ago, and her jade jewelry just glowed! I couldn’t find any pictures of that look, but I did find something similar when Angelina Jolie wore a black dress with jade chandelier earrings to the Oscars (see pic). For this season, it’s best paired with silver, and black. My favorite pairing of jade is to put it with fuchsia, talk about “POP”! Consider jade when you planning what to wear for your upcoming holiday party. Whether it is in your glowing accessories, or in a killer dress. You’re sure to wow the crowd in any way you wear it!

Today's Celebrity Stylista -

This is Blake Lively making an appearance at a store in NYC. I love this look because everything about it IS fall fashion! Starting with the leather jacket, of course. Complimented by the peacock print top. Peacock print is one of my favorite prints, as long as it’s done as an “accent”, small amounts here and there. I love the brown quilted bag with chain link strap (probably Chanel, but we can find the same thing at JC Penny’s, right?) and the little ankle booties (see my fall must have list). The only thing I’m not crazy about is the tweed shorts. Yes she her legs look great, but it’s New York, in the middle of October. Needles to say, I bet she was cold! If I were her stylist, I would have put her in a just above the knee tweed skirt, to match the fall feel of everything else!

Sorry this was so short today, I am recovering from a few days of being sick! But come back tomorrow for more dish on this winter’s must have accessories, and I will show you the steals I got at the boutique I went to the other day. As for tomorrows look of the day, well you’ll just have to come back and find out! See you then…

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Would you be willing to sell that pink angora sweater dress?

  2. I'm willing to pay you 1000% more than what you paid for that angora sweater dress if you are willing to part with it!