Sunday, October 11, 2009

" Fun and Flirty", Add that "POP", & Fall Accessories

LOOK OF THE DAY – “Fun and Flirty”

In this look, for the top, I paired a teal chiffon deep v neck, belted overlay, with a black camisole underneath. For the bottom, I paired it with black leggings. For the accessories, I chose a long chain link gold necklace, with a shiny gold bracelet.


Today I am going out for a night with my mom. She is like one of my best friends. I accredit everything I know and love about fashion, from her teaching me as I was growing up. Since we were going shopping, out to eat, and to a movie, I didn’t want to stand out too much, but just enough to where people look twice (in a good way). One of my favorite sayings is from none other than Ms. Paris Hilton, and it says “life’s too short to blend in!” and I live by that every day! So on my date with my mom, I made it simple, but added a little “POP! Now if I were going on a date with Jesse Metcalfe (the gardner from desperate housewives,…. ya that’s the one).That would be a whole different story! (I have my outfit already picked for that day, I’m just waiting for the call :-)


My staple this summer was this white flower hair clip that I wore with almost every outfit. I was sad to have to put it away until next yearL but then I saw that there are SO many choices for fall, for adding a little “pop to your mop” lol..You see them most on shows like The Hills, or Gossip Girl. But it was originally started by the always fabulous Sara Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. I wouldn’t expect a regular person to walk outside with the hats like she had that looked like there was a bird sitting on her head, lol. She was high fashion, wore things straight off the runway. Then for the public to buy, it’s toned down about ten notches into more subtle things like feather headbands and hairclips. But,…. she did pull it off fabulously, I might add!! I bought this elastic headband a while ago that is a wrap around braid (Inspired by Nicole Ritchie, see pic below). It goes great with that bohemian look that is so popular right now. And who wants to spend an hour braiding their hair when you can just put one of these on and make it look effortless? Whether it is fall flowers, or feathers, or headbands, no one can argue that adding a little “roo to your doo” is definitely in fashion for fall!

Here's a link to Fall's Hottest Hair Accessories..Hot or Not?

When do you hear the word “pants” and “fashion” used in the same sentence? Hardly ever! It’s always a dress, or a skirt, or the now popular leggings and tights. For the younger generations, leggings and tights have taken the place of pants. I had an older lady compliment me the other day on my “pants”, even though I was wearing leggings:-/ To older people they will always be “pants”, but to us, they are this fall’s must have item! Now there is a HUGE difference between leggings and tights, don’t get them confused or you will be on your way to a major “wardrobe malfunction”. Leggings can be worn as long as the top falls below the butt (you don’t want to show off too much “shape” if you know what I mean). Tights on the other hand, are best worn with more coverage, like as an “underneath accent”, to a dress or a skirt. These days leggings have every embellishment you could imagine, from zippers to studs, from stripes to spots (hopefully not together!). So go out and get yourself a few pair for fall, and start pairing them with all those cute skirts and dresses you have lying around!


I had mentioned in a past blog that just because I shop for cheap prices, doesn’t mean I get cheap clothes. A lot of my things last me for a few seasons, at least. The upside is I save a lot of money, and have more money to shop. As you can see in the pictures below, I got this beautiful top for $18 at JC Penny's! You have to go to the discount stores with an open mind, looking for key pieces like the perfect denim skirt, or that great top that would look so cute with a belt! If you go there looking for high end designer items, or the latest Hurley skirt, you’re going to be disappointed. People have the impression that the things are there at these types of stores are there for a reason. Either there damaged, or made wrong, and some of the stuff is. But there are those things there that aren’t, I like to call them “Gems”. You have to dig through a lot of bad to find the good. It takes time and energy. Don’t go there when you’re tired or in a hurry, be patient. Because once you find that “Gem” after sorting through all those racks, it’s like finding “the diamond in the rough”, and it will all be worth it! To be honest, when I was younger I used to be afraid to go into discount or thrift stores because I didn’t want people seeing me in there thinking I was poor. Little did I know, my mom knew the secret that I now have learned as an adult. They have great one of a kind items, for really reasonable prices, and that’s something that should never be overlooked!


You know when I use the word “Pop” or “Bam”? That’s the best way to describe accent colors. It’s adding a little hint of something to your look. For example, if you have a cute black and white outfit, you can add a hint of yellow for summer, or if you want to make it wintery, add a hint of red. In this outfit, my accent color was gold, because of the color of the buckle on the belt. I added a little “ Pop” of gold to the neckline, wrist, and feet. Always keep this in mind, LESS IS MORE! You don’t want to overdo it, and have the accent color overpower your two main focus colors. Splashes of bright colors are really in this fall. Last year bright colors were everywhere, BIG AND BOLD! Like bright pink pants, with bags and shoes to match. This year it’s toned down a lot to a lot more to subtle placement in your wardrobe. So if you have a bright tank top that you didn’t know what to wear it with, try layering it, and putting it under another top, and see how you like it!


It was REALLY hard for me to stick to the rule with this outfit. Since the top came with the belt, that only left me with 2 options (oh no!!) I chose gold as my accent color (like I mentioned above) and I had every accessory to go with this outfit. Gold and black earrings, a black cocktail ring, gold necklaces, gold bracelets. Ultimately, I had to decide what would show up the best. Since it’s such a deep neckline I had to go with a necklace, to draw attention to that area. Because of the way I did my hair, I knew the earrings wouldn’t show up. So that left me with the bracelet or the ring..(Oh, the choices!!!) I chose the bracelet because it was bigger, and could be seen more. I was really tempted to just put on every piece of jewelry I liked with this outfit and just throw away the rule! But I know that if I did, I would feel weird and “gaudy” and think to myself “ too much”, and that “Less is More” is one fashion rule I will always follow!


This is Malin Akerman at the Premiere of Couples Retreat. She looks amazing in everything she wears! My favorite things I have ever seen her in, is in the movie 27 Dresses, in the Yellow Sequin Mini(anyone remember?). I put a picture up of it another day. I love how she pairs the cream, silver, and the yellow accent together. Do you see how it just "Pops"!! Can you see the Rule of 3, and that she uses "less is more"? If I were her stylist, the only thing I would have done differently is add something to the neckline, instead of the two bracelets, because it looks a little bare..but she still looks amazing!

Well, that's it for today, come back tommorow for "Casual Sundays" and "The Seasonal Closet Changeover".. See you then:-)

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