Friday, October 9, 2009

Pair it with a Jacket, Fall Colors, and Layering Leather

LOOK OF THE DAY "A Little Bit Sweet, A Little Bit Rock"

In this look, I paried a leather jacket, with a orange strapless maxi dress. I wore large silver hoop earrings, and black and tan faux snakeskin peep toe heels. With a matching clutch of the same color, and texture.

This is actually one of my favorite looks because it mixes sweet and feminine ( I am a girly girl), with a little bit of edge.. I had the impression that maxi dresses are only to be worn in the summer with a cute pair of sandals. But I went shopping with a friend the other day, and she encouraged me to think otherwise..

When I originally bought the dress in the spring for ($4 at jc penny’s, on clearance from $80! see picture below), I planned on cutting the ties out of the middle of the dress, and stitching it shut, then stitching the tie part to the top corners of the dress, and make a halter, so it will “hold me up”..I am far from being a seamstress, but I have learned the basics of sewing because when I buy things I sometimes see them as what they CAN BECOME, if I cut this off, or fix, in this case..Do any of you do the same?

How Much Did I Spend…

I got the shoes at TJ Maxx this spring for $20(see pic)They are Tahari, which is a really nice brand!. And if your wondering why I still have tags on half of my clothes, mainly because I have so many clothes, that haven’t been worn, because I haven’t gotten to them yet. As for the shoes, I’ve worn them a few times, I just forgot to take the sticker off the bottom, lol..The clutch I got at Ross for $2, and the leather jacket for $10. I can’t remember how much the earrings were, but probably around $10.. In total, I probably spent around $45 dollars for the entire outfit!

Every strapless thing I own, I think, "how can I add straps?", again because of the bust situation that I come across often.. Usually this style dress looks is best on small busted girls. But us bigger chested girls can make it look just as fabulous, if we pair it with a jacket!

Style Tip – Cute and Cozy!

I don't what the weather is like where you live, but where I live, In San Diego, recently it has gone from summer to winter jacket weather in about a week. So it's the perfect time to get out those jackets, whether it be a simple denim jacket, or a cute fitted mini, and start mixing and matching them with your fall dresses that you've been dying to get out of your closet!

Fall Colors-

Fall is my favorite season because there are SO many different colors to choose from!. Anyone who knows my theories on colors, knows I am very particular about what colors to wear in what months. But there is no better time to wear orange than now, and november. Some people associate black and orange to "Halloween" or "pumpkin", but with the right pairing, all they will see is "WOW"...when you add a third color, the "stereotype" goes away. One of my favorite pairings for fall is orange, silver and black.

The Color Calendar-

In this blog I will be posting a monthly calendar of what colors are best worn for the season..Right now for the month of October, I like to focus on “harvest colors” like shades of browns, orange, deep yellows. I think it's fun to pair these colors together, as well as some others like…

-Lime Green (normally see in the summer) with a Deep Purple, and a little white, now becomes fall.
-Olive Green & Brown( paired with black or white)
-Burgendy, Tan & Black
-Orange, Gold and Darm Denim
-Turquoise and White(paired with Black or Brown)

Here is a link to a site that will tell you more specifically, what fall colors work best with your skin tone

Accessories -

This outfit didn't allow me to accessorize much, unfortunitly. I wasn't able to wear bracelets. With the cut of the jacket, I wasn't able to wear a necklace because it would be hidden. A belt was not fitting to the cut of the dress because of the tie below the bust line. So that leaves one option, earrings. I thought since I wasn't able to pair it with anything else, I thought GO BIG! So I wore the biggest silver hoops I had(which in reality are just medium size)

Style Tip #2 - The Rule of Three

I wear all my looks based on this rule, and I am not a fan of rules when it comes to fashion.. but the reason for it is because if you don't set limits, where does it end??? You will end up wearing every accessory you own, that you think looks good. So I make myself pick ONLY three! When you put too many elements together, it ends up looking like a mess, instead of stylish and chic. I mentioned yesterday that at least 2 accessories are okay, but 3 is my limit. The same goes with color, when you try and put more than 3 colors together in your outfit, you might come out looking like a rainbow. Just try it! no more than 3 colors, and 3 accessories(belt, ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace) handbags don't count, those are necessities!

Where To???

This look is best worn out to dinner, or out with friends. For myself, I went to a event at a local high school to help out my mom. She is a fashion teacher(you wonder where I get it from?) and they had something they were doing for their club, so I was happy to help. I really enjoy seeing how the kids wear today’s hottest trends. Also, I enjoy talking to them about fashion because they are so eager to learn about the fashion industry, and asking how they can get into someday. I was one of them back in the day.. I think it's great to help kids realize their dreams, whether it be in fashion or something else. I discovered the job as a stylist on a trip to Los Angeles with my high school fashion class.. so you never know:-)

Some days I wake up, and feel as most of you do..tired, lazy, lots of things to do, and not wanting to do them. I know you probably think the same way I do " I do not want to put all the time and energy into looking good, because today I just don't care" we all have those days, myself included. But even if you’re feeling sad, or things haven't gone your way, or your just tired, keep in mind there could be someone right around the corner waiting for you(In a good way!). You never know who you’re going to meet on a given day, who can change your life...I am newly single, and as hard as it is for me to think that there is someone out there for me, I know I'll be somewhere, someday, and someone will think I look fabulous!! And that day could be today, so we better be ready!

The Key Style Element in this look -

The Leather Jacket(see my fall must haves list)

Also the faux skin heels and bag, as well as the maxi dress( even if it is fall!)

B on the lookout for- Leather Leggings!

I don't even have a pair yet, but I will let you know when and where I find them! They are a hundred times better option than leather pants, lol. Leather and Studs are two key elements that are very IN right now!


Today’s Celebrity Stylista - Nicole Ritchie

She is one of my style icons because whatever look she’s wearing, she wears it effortlessly. She is a free spirit, mixed with pure class, which is what I love about her. I met her a long time ago at an American Idol event, and she just exudes sweetness, and it shows!

That's it for today! I hope you are coming back and visiting more regularly:-) Tommorow's topics will be a surprise, mainly because I'm still deciding what were going to talk about..but come back and find out! Look forward to seeing you then :-)

"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in"

-Paris Hilton

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